Celebrate your party in Chicago

Celebrate your party in Chicago

Often you need to celebrate your party in Chicago and you run into the problem that you don’t know how to get the drinks and food you want served at the right time. and a million other mind blowing problems you have when organizing a party right! Organizing all that is complicated, having one company prepare the food, another to bring the drinks and hiring someone to prepare them for your guests?

Ready to stop suffering through all that organization?

At Chicago Bartender Company (CBC) we have the resources you need, so you don’t have to worry about a thing, we take care of the important details that make your party shine.  Apart from our amazing fun loving highly proffesional bartenders and mixologists,plus our great beverage packs designed especially for your needs, (no need to overspend or run out of ice! yep it happens)  we can even advise you on the perfect venues, music, lighting, officiants, alternative food options even fun and whacky extras to take it to the next level

Downtown Chicago can be a complicated place to hold your event, but we assure you that we will offer you enough ideas so that you can focus on enjoying yourself and leave the organization work in our hands.

What we are sure of is that when you celebrate your party you will be focused on what really matters to you… celebrating with your family or friends.

Keep in mind that we do not only organize celebrations of big events, for us the important thing is you, we will never discard an event no matter how private it is, we must emphasize that because of the situation for the COVID-19 we have organized events of less than 20 people.

We are very proud of what we do and we adapt to the measures and situations however complicated they may be, so do not hesitate … Contact us First we listen to your ideas and dreams of that perfect party, then we offer guidance and our event organisers will get down to work.

Not only do we take care of the food and drinks for the event, we can also organize the decoration of the space to make it look the way you want it to. Remember that if you need us to find a space we have solutions to all your needs.

Even if you want to hold your event in your backyard we can arrange everything and make it happen, nothing can stop you from having your party.

We can even take care of creating and sending the invitations or exclusive gifts for the event, we have the best professionals to take care of that.

If your event is of large dimensions we can also take care of it, as we say no matter the size, we are prepared and we can provide food options waiters, staffing and all the equipment you need.